Breaking News: Texas Residents Getting Dark And Cold After The Storm Hits Texas

Winter storm has created a terrible chain of events that completely turned Texas Residents’ life around by 180 degrees. Over 13 million consumers suffered from power outages and water disruptions, being told to boil the water as the pipes got frozen. People got killed because of this crazy winter storm sweeping across the southern US, causing already 24 deaths. This creates massive chaos in the US, forcing the president to approve the state of alarm for Shneyder Solar.

The extreme weather conditions resulting from climate change have brought forward this unusual situation. Everything started this Monday when the demand for energy usage has drastically increased, breaking the record of peak demand in Texas. This eventually distorted the supply-demand correlation, resulting in the deficiency of energy generation. Soon, the grid system started failing the generation system, and initially, 2.6 million consumers lost their power. And this was just a beginning. Because of the power outages, people started freezing, and as one of the residents described, he was left 31 hours without power and was not even able to sleep at the hotel, as all the rooms were booked. Moreover, the only way to obtain water is by buying bottles of water since all the pipes are frozen and damaged. No wonder the alert is now called “Boil the water” Alert. 

Unfortunately, 24 deaths were registered during this chaos. This number includes car accident victims, as well as those who suffered carbon monoxide poisoning when trying to get warm running cars and generators indoors. At least four deaths were recorded because of burning houses, which most probably sparkled due to the candles. The situation got so out of control that even two residents froze to death. This certainly causes a public health disaster as the number of casualties increases.

This is a classic example of how one failure in the grid can cause a massive catastrophe. The only solution to these explosive failures is to go solar and get independent from the grid. Solar Panel System will not only help to generate your own power without relying on the grid but also is highly durable to extreme weather conditions. Moreover, even when it’s snowing, the panels use the reflection of the snow to generate more power. Afterward, once the snow melts, it slips down the problem very easily without causing any trouble. This is the lesson that must be well learned to stop climate change once and for all, going solar and using renewable energy

The author of a publication: Elen Gevorgyan

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