Five Advantages To Reap From Tesla Powerwall

Solar Energy never stops astonishing with its inexhaustible potential. Tesla Powerwall Battery is an incredible innovation that aims to capture a small portion of that potential. Let’s understand what Tesla Powerwall is and what advantages you can reap from it.

Tesla Powerwall is battery storage for unused solar energy to use it later. It is paired with your solar system to become your best friend soon, especially when the grid goes down during unprecedented rolling blackouts. The name itself prompts that this battery hangs on the wall. Compact Tesla Powerwall dimensions and its minimalist design make it perfect for indoor placement. Besides, it’s weather-resistant, which can allow you to place Powerwall outside without any concern. Important Tesla Powerwall specs worth mentioning is Powerwall Capacity of 13,5 kWh energy storage and 100% depth of discharge with 90% round trip efficiency. After Tesla Powerwall Installation, no maintenance is required, and you can control and monitor it by corresponding Tesla Powerwall App.

Now to understand whether it’s worth buying Tesla Powerwall, let’s discuss how to make the most out of its advantages.

Nullifies Power Outages

If you are fed up with Power outages or Energy Conservation Requirements from the grid to avoid Rolling Blackouts, then Tesla Powerwall is just for you. The more dependent you are on the grid, the more you are subject to those outages. Tesla Powerwall Battery is here to set you free from the grid’s dependence and potential outages. It stores your unused solar energy, which you can use later even when the grid is down. Hence, Rolling Blackouts are no more threat to your plans. Tesla Powerwall Battery with 13,5 kWh capacity can last till 17 hours of energy usage. So, you don’t need to worry anymore since Tesla Powerwall got you back in case of any outages. 

Protects Against Loss Of Net Metering

You may wonder, what’s the big deal with batteries if you can “exchange” your unused solar energy through Net Metering. It’s simple: when the grid goes down, it can’t provide you electricity at all, even the amount that it “owes” you. So, in a way, you are losing the right moment of using your exchanged electricity. Tesla Powerwall makes you completely independent from the grid, and you don’t need to worry about any kind of outages.

Increases Property Value

Tesla Powerwall costs around 6500 dollars, and one thing that can move your curiosity is whether it increases your property value. The answer is a strong YES. Tesla Powerwall is quite an improvement for your property, especially against possible outages. It secures you from unprecedented blackouts while helping to save on electricity bills. This, of course, increases the property value, adding actual monetary value to it. So, be aware the Tesla Powerwall price is justified by all means, and by buying it, you’ll win the game. 

Battery Recycling

Tesla Powerwall Battery is environmentally friendly even after the end of its use, leaving 0-waste to the environment. Its lithium-ion batteries are recyclable, and after the end of their life, they are recycled and used again. First, the used Powerwall is disseminated and sent to be disassembled. The valuable materials are separated for scrap metal recycling. Recycled lithium, copper, aluminum, cobalt, and other materials are given a second life in other products. 

Zero Waste

Tesla, as a company, dedicates a big team to the goal of leaving zero waste footprint. It’s estimated that 90% of the materials used in the factory are coming from the landfill. All Tesla’s products including Ev Chargers  and Tesla Powerwall batteries are made from those recyclable materials. Tesla’s big team carefully chooses reusable materials, works on sorting them, and then stores them for later use. Tesla’s team even works with styrofoam, which is supposedly unrecyclable. Hence, Tesla makes millions of dollars recycling and reusing the materials, leaving zero waste for the environment. In short, you can proudly use Tesla Powerwall Battery, which stores clean and inexhaustible energy and is made of reusable and recyclable materials. 

Final Note

Tesla Powerwall has many advantages that you will benefit from. It is a great way to save and get away from grids’ dependency while being friendly to the environment. The State offers various rebates to make Tesla Powerwall more affordable for You. All you need to do is contact our consultants, and Shneyder Solar will help you get all the best deals possible.

Author of a publication: Elen Gevorgyan

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