Seven Reasons Owning Tesla Powerwall Will Change Your Life

Being one of the best smart home energy-solutions available on the market, Tesla Powerwall has incredible features that create a completely new battery user experience by making it much simpler and more comprehensible. Below are some Tesla Powerwall benefits that will surely change your life and the way you interact with your home power system.

Self-Powered Home

Have a solar energy system and think of reducing your reliance on the grid? The Tesla Powerwall is what you need. Own your energy and self-power your home by having it run off solar. Tesla Powerwall installation will maximize your energy independence, as it magnifies the volume of solar energy powering your home. The system is designed in such a way that enables you to store the excess energy that solar panels generate during the day and make use of it at night. Powerwall is rechargeable and having this process continuously repeated, it stores the unused solar energy so that you can utilize more of your Tesla Powerwall capacity. Its energy capacity of 13.5 kWh is considerably large for Tesla Powerwall dimensions. It measures 45.3 in x 29.6 in x 5.75 in, which is smaller than other solar batteries. The ability to store much more energy in a significantly less space is one of Tesla Powerwall specs that will justify your choice. Moreover, being combined with a battery system, your solar panels can carry on with operating even during grid outages. They can stay powered for days or even weeks without using power from the grid. Along with powering your home, you can also recharge your Tesla Powerwall battery in a longer duration blackout. As a result, you will not have to shut down the solar panels during power outages and your home will continue powering itself. 

Reliable Backup Power

You will be able to keep your devices working without any interruption, as Powerwall will quickly detect the grid outages, which will lead to disconnecting from the power grid, and then, having power brought back to the home. Though Tesla aims to assure backup power availability  for the entire home, the recommended system is highly dependent on the type of devices you have at your home. In particular, the electrical situation you would have may not be appropriate for a whole home backup and some essential loads will be backed up in that case. While you might be advised to upgrade your electrical panel and have additional Powerwalls for the whole home backup, a single Powerwall is normally sufficient in case of the essential load backup. The reason is that lights and outlets, which are usually selected as essential loads, require less energy. Regardless of being planned for the whole home or critical loads, the reliability of the power is guaranteed.


Reduced Electricity Costs

Buy Tesla Powerwall and make your energy consumption more efficient. Not only is it an investment into a more energy independent life but also a means for cutting electricity costs. You will avoid dealing with the constantly rising electric prices and peak rates. The entry of storage batteries into the mainstream market has significantly decreased Tesla Powerwall price. Besides, there are many incentives for solar battery storage, one of which is the Federal Tax Credit. When being installed with a solar panel system, you can get a tax credit of 26 percent of the installation cost. On top of that, you may apply to the Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) and have your Tesla Powerwall cost reduced. SGIP is supported by Shneyder Solar as well and you will get a full rebate when you decide to install a Tesla Powerwall with us. 

Easily Monitored Energy Consumption

Tesla Powerwall app will provide you with real-time monitoring of your home energy system. You may simply select ‘Power flow’ from the home screen and see how your Powerwall is interconnected with your home as well as with the solar panel system in case you have one. By selecting the bar chart icon, you will have a more detailed representation of your usage history. In addition to that, the system learns your energy habits and ‘Time-based control’ mode will prepare a forecast for your energy rates. When the rates are high, the stored energy from your Powerwall can be used. Consequently, it will charge from the grid only when the rates are low and you will notice a huge increase in your savings.


Battery System Customized For Your Needs

You can customize your home battery system to meet your specific needs. You will be the one to decide how your Powerwall is going to be charged and discharged. When paired with solar panels, for instance, you may minimize your ecological footprint by choosing the self-powered mode. Backup-only mode, on the other hand, is great for having maximum protection during a power outage. By choosing your preferred mode, you will instruct your battery system on when to charge and begin powering. Also, you can set the system to preconditioning mode, which will heat the Powerwall and enable it to store enough energy for winter. Thereby, your needs will be met with just a simple configuration of the app settings.

Home Protecting Functionality

Powerwall will provide you with energy even when your neighborhood gets hit with a disaster. The storm watch function will connect Powerwall to the National Weather Service and prepare you for the incoming severe weather by making sure it has some reserved energy. As soon as the function is enabled, the battery system prioritizes charging with anticipation of heavy weather.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Being focused on environmental safety, Tesla Powerwall is a solution for storing renewable energy and making use of it when needed. By becoming less dependent on fossil fuels you move towards a future without any emissions. As a Powerwall user, you change not only your life into better with a cleaner and greener environment, but also that of the others who get motivated to take a step and have their contribution as well. You can help avoid major environmental issues such as climate change and air pollution by starting with yourselves. So, understand the consequences of your behavior and take the needed actions to deal with them. 

The author of a publication: Nvard Hakobyan

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