Texas Goes Green! Things to Consider If You Need to Store and Sell Solar Energy

We are in an era of rising popularity in renewable energy thanks to the green energy movement. Solar energy and modules are the most promising clean energy options for homes and businesses in Texas now. The solar energy uprising has also shown to be a smart financial move as well as a machine for cost-saving.

This blog will talk about how you can save money on electricity bills in Texas and why it is a great idea to store and sell solar energy.

Why it’s Important to Produce Solar Energy

Electricity is expensive, and the price will continue to grow with time gradually. It turns out pricey, especially if you own a business. Producing your Solar energy helps save money on electricity bills in Texas.

A way to get around that is by producing your solar energy. This way, you won’t be affected by the rising prices of regular electricity as time goes by and your solar modules end up paying for themselves. 

You can also store energy for later by producing your solar energy, which means you are saving a lot more. You can even sell back stored energy that has gone unused back to suppliers. All this means that you have control over your energy and the savings are great as well.

Solar Energy Storage Solutions in Texas

When using solar energy, you have the option of staying connected to the grid. That means you will generate energy through solar panels first and use that, and when needed, you will automatically connect to the grid.

However, if you go off-grid, your renewable energy will be completely autonomous. This means you can have a battery bank instead of the grid as backup. For example, the Tesla Powerwall is a battery that can store power for several days when your solar panels are not getting enough sun. It is an excellent example of reducing your carbon footprint even in the case of power outages while still having power. It also reduces your dependence on the grid.

Generally, solar energy storage and usage are helpful in using your reserved energy whenever needed.

How to Sell Stored Solar Energy in Texas


You can sell solar energy as a form of extra income. This is called a buy-back tariff, meaning you can sell solar energy back to the grid provider.

Usually, you can sell solar energy to the grid at a lower rate than what you would buy it at and with different terms depending on what retailer you want to work with. Additionally, you’ll need a solar system that shuts off in the case of a grid outage so as not to put any workers in danger during the outage.

Regardless, selling excess solar energy is still a nice extra income to have, and it will help return your investment even sooner.
Overall, going solar saves a lot for you. Either by saving solar energy for later or selling it back at a small profit, it can mean larger savings for a business or even a household.

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