Vickery Meadow Dallas Texas

A neighborhood in northeast Dallas, Vickery Meadow near Shneyder Solar is ethnically diverse and almost entirely apartment complexes. The neighborhood is defined by  Central Expressway, Northwest Highway, Abrams, and Royal Lane. It is part of the Vickery Midtown Public Improvement District. Visit the Vickery Meadow website for more information. This page focuses on the schools, demographics, housing stock, and community facilities in the neighborhood. Here’s what to expect if you want to live in this Dallas area. 


The median real estate price for homes in Vickery Meadow is $547,661, more expensive than 91.1% of other Dallas neighborhoods and 78.9% of all homes in the U.S. This is a largely urban neighborhood, and many residents are renters. There are several different schools and neighborhoods in this Dallas, Texas, neighborhood, and the median rent is $2,097, more expensive than 77.1% of other Dallas neighborhoods.

The Vickery Meadow Dallas Texas population comprises approximately 2,800 households. The average household size is 2.77, similar to the average Dallas/Fort Worth area. The median age is 26, and there are a majority of married couples with children. The median income is $54,000. There is a high percentage of African-Americans and white people in this neighborhood, with a relatively low share of people aged 45 to 64. More

Housing stock

The neighborhood is known for its large proportion of apartment complexes and high-rise apartment buildings. Unlike other Dallas neighborhoods, where real estate is a mix of many different types of properties, Vickery Meadow North is almost entirely composed of apartment complexes and high-rise apartments. In fact, the area has one of the highest proportions of apartment buildings and complexes in the country, at 89.7%.

The housing stock of Vickery Meadow North consists mostly of small to medium-sized apartment complexes. There are also some single-family homes in the neighborhood. In addition, the majority of residential real estate is renter-occupied. Most of these residences were built in the 2000s or later, with the exception of a few older ones that are more than twenty-five years old. The housing in Vickery Meadow North is largely affordable, and it’s affordable cost is a major factor.


If you’re looking for a diverse neighborhood in the heart of Northeast Dallas, then look no further than Vickery Meadow. The Vickery Midtown Public District includes this mostly apartment-oriented district. Royal Lane, Central Expressway, and Abrams are the boundaries of the neighborhood. Vickery Meadow Dallas Texas Schools are well-known for their outstanding teaching and varied student body. Vickery Meadow, located in Northeast Dallas, is home to a diverse ethnic population, including Latino, African-American, and Asian Americans.

The population of the neighborhood is diverse, with approximately 40% of residents identifying as Hispanic or Latino. The remaining population is composed of White, African-American, and other groups. In addition, approximately 6% of the residents are from sub-Saharan Africa. Because of the large number of immigrants, Vickery Meadow believes that the real population is higher. However, the Vickery Meadow Improvement District is committed to ensuring that the quality of education is high in the community.

Community resources

There are many community resources available for people in Vickery Meadow, Dallas, Texas. A group called the Vickery Midtown Improvement District is composed of fifty area organizations, and it works to improve the neighborhood. The group also helps those who need a hand with basic needs. There are also several community organizations in the area, including the Vickery Baptist Church and the Dallas Independent School District. In addition, there are a number of organizations whose members are dedicated to providing a safe and healthy environment for residents of Vickery Meadow.

The Vickery Meadow Target Area is part of Neighborhood Plus, Dallas’ comprehensive neighborhood revitalization strategy. The neighborhood is a densely populated, ethnically diverse community. For example, the Burmese Asian Grocery Store, next to a Mexican grocery store, offers delivery service to the neighborhood. The neighborhood is populated by people from several countries, including Ethiopia. Many of these people were displaced by war and economic hardship, so there is a strong multicultural feel in Vickery Meadow. The neighborhood is also home to several churches, parks, and sports facilities.

Fear of gentrification

There’s a growing fear of gentrification in Vickery Mead, a predominantly low-income neighborhood in North Dallas. It is an entry point for immigrants to the United States, a place where they can access health care, learn the language, and navigate a school system. But some residents fear that gentrification will push them out and gentrification may actually drive them out.

One resident of the neighborhood, Bee, says she is worried about the changes happening in the area. She wants to keep the neighborhood the way it is and does not want to see it transformed into a high-end neighborhood. She’s a member of the EAGLE Scholars Program, which aims to place minority youth in community jobs and boardrooms. And she’s not the only one worried about gentrification in her neighborhood.

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