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Solar Panel Installation

Our solar panel installers have done hundreds of solar panel installations. They have the experience and expertise to make your solar journey as easy as possible.

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Tesla Powerwall

We have a team of Certified Tesla Powerwall Installers available to assist you in your battery storage needs.

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Shneyder Solar has a team of licensed roofing contractors who can handle any roofing issues that occur prior to solar installation.

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We employ the industry’s best solar panel installers, consultants, and engineers.

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We can design solutions that suit every unique situation while staying mindful of budget and energy needs.



We work with industry-leading manufacturers, including Panasonic, LG, SolarEdge, and Enphase.


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Our team of solar panel installers knows how to maximize panel efficiency and increase solar value. We’ve also got inclusive warranties to protect your solar investment.

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Consult our online store for all your solar energy needs. We’ve got the industry’s best solar panels and the latest equipment. 

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Solar Panel Installation

At Shneyder Solar, solar panel installations are our main focus. Our team of installers have performed hundreds of installations across several states. They work to install solar panels at the best angles and tilts to maximize energy efficiency for your home or business. With Shneyder Solar, you can rest assured that our team is working to increase your solar savings. The solar panel installation process is handled from start to finish by Shneyder Solar’s experienced professionals. They will work to handle permits, designs, installation, activation, and everything in between. We’ve got a diverse staff of consultants, engineers, and solar panel installers to handle every step of the process.

Each solar panel installation varies depending on the customer’s energy needs, budget, home type, roof type, and more.

Solar Panel Texas

Tesla Powerwall Battery Backup

Tesla Powerwall has changed the solar energy industry with the ability to give you total grid independence. It is an intelligent solar battery system that works to store your solar energy for later use. That means that you will no longer have to pull energy from the grid in the evening and you can remain protected from utility time-of-use rates. You can even access stored energy from your battery system during a power outage. These systems are sleek, advanced forms of technology that allow for increased renewable energy consumption. With this battery system, you could potentially power your entire home with clean energy.

Tesla Powerwall comes with a user-friendly app that provides three operating modes: Time-Based Control, Self-Powered, and Backup-Only. Each mode has its benefits and real-world applications, and you can choose which to use based on your needs. Time-Based Control mode works to protect you from time-of-use utility rates, Self-Powered mode increases grid independence, and Backup-Only mode reserves 100% of your energy for emergencies.

You can switch between the three modes as often or as little as you like. The modes can be utilized at different times to address different needs. Keep in mind; it takes time to update from one mode to the next, so be patient with your Tesla Powerwall when alternating operating modes.

Roofing & Re-roof Services

Having a reliable roof is a necessity to perform a solar panel installation. Solar panel installations can cause stress to your existing roof, so you will need to have a stable roof if your solar panels are to withstand the test of time. If your roof is unstable, you may have to remove the solar panels to address roof issues in the future. This will be a costly and time-consuming process that can be easily avoided. You simply need to address any roof issues before the solar installation process. This way, you can bundle the tasks together. Thus, you will only need to undergo a single project which will result in a clean finish with solar panels and a new, durable roof.

The good news is that if your roof needs to be fixed, Shneyder Solar can help. We have a team of licensed roofing contractors available to service your needs. We only partner with the industry’s best to guarantee great results, using top-quality materials from Owens Corning, Eagle, and Boral.

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We work with only the industry’s best manufacturers, like Panasonic, LG, SolarEdge, and Enphase. Our team of installers can ensure panels operate at peak efficiency, and our inclusive warranties will protect your solar investment for years to come.​

Cherished and Dedicated
Team Members

At Shneyder Solar, we understand that our continued success and growth is due to our hardworking team members. It is their mission to find a solar solution that works for you. That means listening to your goals and needs and taking the time to inform you about the best possible options for your situation. That’s what makes us one of the best solar panel companies.

We make it our responsibility to hire the best talent, and we prioritize training and personal development. Our team members have years of on-site experience, but that doesn’t mean they ever stop learning. They’re constantly staying up to date with the latest solar trends and technologies to ensure your system is cutting edge.

We Make the Process Simple

At Shneyder Solar, we’re one of the solar panel installation companies that care for each project. We’ll walk you through the solar process from start to finish, handling everything from design to implementation to maintenance. We’ll even apply for available incentives and rebates to ensure that you get the best deal on your new solar energy system. Read on to discover the different financial benefits you may be applicable for thanks to your new energy system!

Financial Benefits for Solar and Powerwall Users
Solar energy systems and Tesla Powerwall battery systems are hugely beneficial to the environment. They allow for reduced grid usage and, therefore, fewer fossil fuels are released into the atmosphere. The long-term environmental benefits of switching to solar are proven, and there are a number of financial saving systems in place to reward solar users for their positive environmental impact.

Rebates and IncentivesSolar incentives are used to encourage people to choose solar energy systems for their power needs. There are many financial programs available to solar users, and Shneyder Solar’s consultants can help you navigate as you discover what you’re qualified for.

The rebates and incentives available are meant to lower the initial cost of solar panels. You are welcome to utilize any programs that you qualify for to get the best deal on your solar investment. For example, the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and SGIP rebate can be combined and used together.

Investment Tax Credit
Solar tax credits are in place to benefit users of Tesla Powerwall and solar systems. The Investment Tax Credit (ITC), is valued at 26% of the total system cost. This solar tax credit is meant to reduce the initial price of installations. Keep in mind that it is always best to discuss tax credits with tax professionals.

SGIP RebatesUsers of solar energy systems can qualify for the Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP). SGIP rebates will vary based on your unique situation and energy usage. Your sales consultant or a seasoned tax professional can explain the different restrictions in SGIP rebates and the tier into which you fall.

To qualify for SGIP rebates, you must first apply. The good news is that Shneyder Solar handles the application process for you. Once you sign your solar installation agreement, Shneyder Solar will submit your initial paperwork for the rebate program.

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