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In addition to being solar panel installers, Shneyder Solar is also a licensed roofing contractor. We can assist in any re-roofing, roof repairs, or new roof implementation that you need prior to solar installation.

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Having a reliable roof is a necessity to perform a solar panel installation. Solar panel installation can cause stress to your existing roof, so you will need to have a stable roof if your solar panels are to withstand the test of time. Unlike most solar panel companies in Texas, we are also licensed roofing contractors.

The Area’s Best Roofing Company

The good news is that if your roof needs to be fixed, Shneyder Solar can help. We only partner with the industry’s best to guarantee great results, which means increased longevity for your roof and your solar system.

We can assist in any roof or solar request – including roofing shingles, cool roofs, roof integrated solar, composite shingles underlayment replacement and reset, anything you may need!

The greatest advantage of using Texas Solar Group to address roofing concerns is that we can find you the best net cost. We have experience in applying tax credits or solar financing benefits, including rebates and incentives, to get you the best price.

Being doubly certified in both roofing and solar panels installations means that we can provide a dynamic solution for all of your roof and solar needs. Texas Solar Group will be your single point of contact, making the solar process as easy as possible.

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Commercial Roofing

Our team of contractors can address issues and updates on both residential and commercial buildings. Our team of contractors have the expertise to handle any roof project, no matter how big.

Dozens of Colors to Choose from

Don’t limit yourself! With Shneyder Solar, there’s plenty of color choices for your new roof. We’ve got enough options to suit every style.
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