4 Myths About Solar Inverters

Misinformation – a thing that always deviates consumers from the reality of the product. Unfortunately, within the solar industry, misinformation is literally everywhere. Competition among solar panel companies contributes to the growth of misinformation as each company promotes a notion that benefits it the most. Indeed, in the case of the best solar panel companies like Shneyder Solar, misinformation gets tackled with facts to benefit the customer rather than the brand. With the aim to inform you, a potential customer, about solar inverters, 4 myths about the product are introduced below. So, let’s proceed with the article and avoid being deceived!

#1 Loft Space Installation Is A Must

Wrong, wrong, and wrong! Even though this is a widespread opinion among solar consumers and those customers that still need to decide to go solar, it is a myth. The heat that a solar power inverter generates is of a considerable amount. Taking this into consideration, we can imply that a solar panel inverter should be kept in a relatively cool environment that gets constantly ventilated. So, what would be the ideal location for the equipment? For you to picture the site and align it to possibilities open particularly for your area of residence, let me describe the place. Of course it is up to you to consider the closest one for you. There are 4 criteria that need to be considered and paid attention to:

  1. the location should be sheltered
  2. the ideal one should face the external wall in the north
  3. the best location should be unheated/cold
  4. the ideal location should be well-ventilated (i.e., outbuilding)

If for some reason, you can’t access such locations, solutions also can be brought up. No matter if you continue believing the myth and placing the inverter in a loft space or changing possibilities and getting the required location, always make sure to put a perfect cooling fan with the inverter. Obviously, cool inverters work the best! 

#2 Short Distance Between The Inverter and The Modules Must Be Maintained

This myth got structured as a result of a phenomenon called Voltage Drop – the reduction of electrical potential alongside the route of the current within the electrical circuit. The myth implies that Direct Current cannot be used for the supply of the main electricity because of the problem connected with the long-distance distribution. However, research shows that the Direct Current of an inverter for solar panels can, indeed, cover long distances ranging up to 75 meters. Even with such large distances, the voltage loss, aka Voltage Drop, is too low to become an issue worthy of attention. 

#3 Solar Panel Inverters Are Noisy

Well, well, how should they be noisy? There is no way, for sure! You may question this myth by analyzing the photovoltaic (PV) and finding out that an inverter is the only moving part among pieces of equipment included in the PV system. As a response to that, the companies like Shneyder Solar will reassure you that an inverter cannot let out hearable noises. Does that mean that it is a quiet piece of equipment? No. Indeed, the humming noise that gets let out as a result of its way of functioning cannot be heard even in a closeup. That is, even if you decide to install a solar panel inverter for home, you will never hear a sound unless you get concentrated on that in a closeup. 

#4 Solar Inverter Is Not Included In A Solar Panel Kit

How is that even possible? An inverter is one of the main pieces of equipment included in a kit. Companies offering a solar kit always mention that without an inverter, the chances that a photovoltaic system will work are close to zero. Of course, non-professionals may do such a thing to promote separate sales based on a solar inverter cost, but professionals will never! An inverter is an inseparable part of a solar equipment bundle because the bundle is composed with the aim to attract the consumer. Will any company make a strategic move that may result in losing a customer? Of course not! So, don’t believe in particularly this one – it is an absolute myth. 

Final Note

Will these 4 myths help you avoid the wrong installation of an essential piece of solar equipment, an inverter? I hope so! To get the best solar inverter from the company, you really need to consider not believing in whatever the public distributes. Do your research, note down facts, and believe the professionals of the field. The solar power inverter is one of the fundamentals of efficient generation of the sun’s energy. The wrong choice of an inverter will definitely bring up malfunction in the photovoltaic system. Avoid such things through knowing the truth about important pieces of solar equipment like the inverter. 

Believe in facts, go solar, enjoy the sun. 

The author of a publication: Veronika Abrahamyan

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