Charging Your Vehicle At Work Is Now Possible!

All we want is a sustainable lifestyle. Indeed, day-to-day opportunities limit our capabilities. Let’s take electric vehicles as an example. With all the pros and cons related to price, availability, and energy consumption, EVs are trending now. People just buy them keeping in mind that it contributes to environmental sustainability and helps them live the life they aim to. However, EVs need to be charged, right? EV charging companies took care of making electric car vehicles as accessible to the consumer as possible. That is why consumers have the opportunity to buy home EV chargers and stop being dependent on public charging stations. Indeed, not everyone can afford home ones. On the other hand, public charging stations take too long to charge a vehicle. Plus, doing this once a period may turn out into a considerable amount of money. But, what else other than just charging their vehicles in public charging stations can these people do? For sure, they are in need of an innovative solution. What about charging their EVs at work? Turns out it is now possible. 

Fast, Convenient, and Innovative – Why Not? 

Several organizations bring employee appreciation/reward systems into work based on performance, progress, result, etc. From time to time, employees get recognized for doing this or that task in the best possible way with the most suitable method available. Recognition happens either verbally through motivational speeches or materialistically through salary raises, gifts, position change, etc. Indeed, employee appreciation may happen in a collective manner, too. It is from the innovative side of today’s business environment but still exists. A lot of companies thrive to provide their employees the comfort and opportunities it awaits from it. Considering the abundance of electric vehicle users, companies need to start thinking about bringing into the stage EV charging stations in the workplace as a sign of employee appreciation. For real, aiding employees to charge their electric vehicles by making an EV charging station available in the workplace may turn out to be the best way of motivating employees these days. Imagine the struggle employees undergo every day whenever their vehicles run out of battery. Coming to work and forgetting about the issue of not being able to get back home because of low battery levels may stay in the past if your workplace utilizes the appreciation method on behalf of the needs its employees have. 

Even Formula E Officials Love EV Charging Stations

Today, EV and its appliance suppliers aim at making vehicle charging the fastest possible. Brands like Tesla and Porsche have already started experimenting with charging equipment to make it the one that is capable of charging a vehicle in less than 10 minutes.

The motivation to do so comes from the 2022 debut on the motorway organized by Formula E officials. They are organizing an all-electric race car debut for the third generation. Aimed to make it the best debut, Formula E officials are in search of the perfect charger/charging station. Imagine if one of the charging appliances works and your workplace goes for one of such appliances; work becomes a double pleasure.

The author of a publication: Veronika Abrahamyan

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