Chinatown Houston Texas

The mainly residential area of Chinatown is home to numerous restaurants and specialty markets. The Hong Kong Food Market specializes in Asian produce and seafood. On Harwin Drive, discount stores carry electronics and fashion. Nearby Arthur Storey Park is a tai chi court and jogging trail. The Chinese Community Center also offers tours of Asian heritage. During the summer, the area is a popular spot for festivals, concerts, and celebrations. Learn More

Hong Kong City Mall

Located in the heart of Chinatown Houston, the Hong Kong City Mall features more than 100 Asian-centric shops and restaurants. It even has its own teahouse! Here, you can sample the best of Asian cuisine. Plus, you can buy all your Asian grocery needs in one place. The Mall also offers a variety of Asian-themed events such as concerts, festivals, and food markets. This location is a must-visit for any traveler to the Houston area.

Dun Huang’s Tiger Den

There’s a new casual Asian restaurant in Chinatown, Tiger Den, opening this month in the venerable Dun Huang Plaza. The restaurant is known for its five kinds of ramen, but it will also serve soba, udon, and Hong Kong-style “cart noodles.” It will also feature Japanese bar snacks, grilled items, and specialties like katsuobushi, which is a traditional ramen dish. Tiger Den will make its own ramen broth.

Oasis Massage

A visit to Oasis Massage in Chinatown Houston can help you relax and restore your energy. This Houston massage studio offers professional services, including Swedish, deep-tissue, and hot stone massages. Prices are competitive with other Houston massage clinics, and you can pay with most major credit cards. A half-hour deep-tissue massage will cost you $50. Be sure to make an appointment beforehand because this Houston spa fills up quickly.

Saigon Pagolac

Traditional Vietnamese cuisine is served in modern storefront surroundings at Saigon Pagolac in Chinatown, Houston. A visit to this Vietnamese restaurant is not to be missed. The food is authentic and the service is excellent. Traditional Vietnamese dishes are served in a modern environment with excellent service. For dinner, you can try their traditional rice dishes, or their pho. In addition, they serve authentic Vietnamese coffee and desserts.

Kim Son

The Vietnamese Restaurant at Kim Son, Chinatown Houston Texas, offers a wide variety of Vietnamese and Chinese fare. The menu features traditional Vietnamese fare like pho, banh mi, and pho do. The restaurant is open every day from 6am to midnight. You can expect a delicious and memorable meal here. You can also enjoy live music and a unique atmosphere. Kim Son is a must-try for any Houston traveler.

Dun Huang’s

While visiting Houston, be sure to visit the Dun Huang’s in Chinatown. This is a growing area that is the cultural heart of the city and is filled with Asian-themed restaurants and stores. You can even find a clinic and fitness center in the area, in addition to mom-and-pop eateries. Real estate agent Helen Go said the new construction and proximity to Beltway 8 attracted restaurant owners.

Teo Chew Temple

The Teo Chew Temple is a Buddhist organization located in the heart of Chinatown Houston, Texas. Located on Turtlewood Court, this temple offers a taste of traditional Asian culture with its colorful decorations and outdoor fountain, which is decorated with Chinese zodiac animals. This temple also has a Chinese language school and a shrine to ancestors. It is worth visiting for an enchanting experience. In addition to its interior and exterior, the temple is also home to many other interesting features. Discover More

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