Deep Ellum Texas - Dallas' Creative District

In Dallas, Deep Ellum near Shneyder Solar is a hip and creative district. The area features vibrant street murals and quirky art galleries. It is home to many hip restaurants and brewpubs. The Undermain Theater and Deep Ellum Brewing Company are home to experimental drama and wine tastings. The Deep Ellum Arts District has also become a destination for live music. Whether you’re in the mood for jazz, blues, or indie rock, this is the place to be.

Deep Ellum is Dallas’ hippest hood

If you’re in Dallas and looking for the city’s best nightlife, you should check out Deep Ellum. This urban core neighborhood is east of downtown and features a thriving nightlife scene, great food, and unique shops. Its rich history makes it one of the most exciting parts of Dallas, and you can enjoy the thriving arts scene and explore local art galleries. Deep Ellum is also home to some of the city’s most iconic outdoor art.

It is a haven for artists, musicians, and creatives

Originally a center for industry, Deep Ellum has been a haven for creatives and artists. The neighborhood is home to many historic buildings, including the Continental Gin Company building, which is now an art studio complex. In 1914, the Ford factory was built here, producing Model Ts. Another historic building is the Knights of Pythias Temple, now an abandoned Union Bankers building. It was designed by the first black architect in Texas.

It is home to a variety of restaurants

Deep Ellum Texas is a popular dining destination that features many popular restaurants and bars. You can find a wide variety of food options here, including vegan and vegetarian restaurants. The area also offers several bar and grill establishments. You can enjoy a meal at one of these establishments, or try several for a varied dining experience. Deep Ellum is also home to a number of unique nightlife spots. Up next

It was once a thriving community

A once-thriving neighborhood, Deep Ellum has changed over time. From being the first black business district in the area to becoming a haven for suburban punks and alternative musicians half a century later, Deep Ellum has evolved into a creative enclave for artists and entrepreneurs. Despite its changing character, Deep Ellum has managed to keep its unique identity. Here are a few stories about its transformation.

It has a high crime rate

It’s no secret that Deep Ellum Texas has a high crime problem. A look at the latest statistics shows that between September 2016 and May 2017, 176 calls were made to police regarding crimes. Through three weeks of June alone, 19 such incidents were reported. While crime statistics are down overall across Dallas, a few notable incidents have stuck out in people’s minds. If you’re thinking of moving to Deep Ellum, there are some things to keep in mind.

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