Enlighten Your Valentine’s Day With Love And Sun

…and they lived happily ever after. We encounter such endings quite often. These are common in books rather than in real life. But that ending may become a part of your love story. How? By changing our habits, modifying the surroundings, and going towards the happy illusion that all couples experience on February 14th – Valentine’s Day. Let’s think about what we can change to become a part of such a magical fantasy. What contributes to a better and happier life? Cleanness, brightness, and stresslessness. You may now think that these are adjectives incapable of coming into reality. I’d tell you that there exists a lifestyle change that incorporates all the three and makes them a reality. Have you ever thought of switching to solar energy? In vain! The sun is a clean, bright, and lovely source of power that may amplify your lifestyle. Here I would like to highlight the lovely part. Through solar panel systems, the power of the sun takes care of an inexhaustible electricity suppliance to your house. As long as to care is the biggest component of love, solar energy can be defined as lovely. Now, let’s proceed with the article and see how the energy of the sun may help you create the magical illusion that always exists on Valentine’s Day. 

Lovely Benefits Of Solar Energy

Solar power brings a lot of valuable advantages to the life of your couple. 

  • One of the most appealing and awaited ones is saving money. When you research and stop on the solar panel company of your choice, like Shneyder Solar, they start acquainting you with all the financial incentives accessible to you. This year, the primary advantage that you may enjoy is the second-highest solar panel tax credit of 26 percent in the history of the solar industry. Actually, it should’ve been decreased, but it got maintained. That is another reason to consider this year the beginning of the journey to create the magical illusion. If such financially unbelievable opportunities exist, so can dreams and imaginative lives. 
  • Another advantage is the aspect of electricity bill decrease with the consumption of the sun’s energy. The power of the sun wants to make your life a comfortable occasion to such extent that it takes care of high monthly electricity bills. When you go solar, monthly utility bills decrease due to the minimal fixed amount of utility bills per solar watt. Believe it or not, real-life experience shows that the gap between fossil fuel bills and solar bills is immense. When you go solar, that gap alters. No, electricity bills don’t accumulate. Instead, your love fills the gap. 
  • With the previous benefits, we see the change in our consumption habits; now it is time to modify the surroundings. The sun’s power has a surprisingly lovely feature – it clarifies the environment. Do you notice the emotions of love there? Can’t you see that the outer peace that gets into the environment because of solar energy’s greenification is because of love that fills up the power, then the surroundings? Exactly, you see that! How does that happen? I bet you don’t want scientific details on Valentine’s Day. That is why let me simplify everything as much as possible. We know that fossil fuels generate incomprehensible amounts of greenhouse gas emissions that overwhelmingly pollute the environment. The world strives towards environmental sustainability, and the contamination of CO2 emissions blocks our way towards an eco-friendly planet. In comparison to usual energy sources, solar power is environmentally friendly. Well, even though I didn’t want to go into science, let me give you some statistics for you to picture how impactful the sun’s energy is. One household consuming solar energy reduces the carbon footprint by 80 percent. Can you imagine how considerable the change is? Basically, we can assume that the power of the sun is capable of reducing the pollution rate almost to 0. Clear, green, bright, and sustainable surroundings – a modification that only love and care towards the environment can make. Join the solar world, get and give love. 

Make Valentine’s Solar 

I know that solar benefits grabbed your attention. Now, I would hurry to tell you something that will turn your interest into a want to purchase a solar panel system. Shneyder Solar launched a Valentine’s Day campaign a few days ago, intending to make people feel loved. The campaign features an old couple, real-life customers of Shneyder Solar, embracing long years of love and care towards one another. What makes the shot as bright as the sun is the reason behind their long-lasting love and affection towards each other. As they mention, solar energy – a valuable switch in their lifestyle restructured their daily routines. It gave a new breadth of goals to wake up and live every day. Their couple shows that love is going solar together. 

In any case, going solar embodies love.

The author of a publication: Veronika Abrahamyan

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