Five Reasons To Go For Tesla Powerwall

Everyone has heard of Tesla. You may have read an article about Elon Musk – its founder, and his electric cars of the future and spacecraft, or you may have just heard about the company. Nevertheless, Tesla is one of the most popular brands worldwide at the moment. 

Tesla is not only leading in electric vehicles but solar storage and solar batteries as well. The idea of relying on zero-emission solar clean energy instead of fossil fuels drives all the technologies developed by the Tesla corporation. 

Tesla batteries storing and using electric power are the most expensive component of the brand. 

Tesla solar battery technology is ahead of all the other companies in the sphere. And one of the principal goals of the company is to decline its battery cost. So, the company is researching and developing new approaches to its superior battery technology. In the near future, the Tesla Powerwall cost may compete with the cost of traditional fossil fuels and gasoline. 

So, if you plan to turn to solar energy and install solar panels, you should consider the main reasons for going for Tesla Powerwall.

So, What Is So Special About The Tesla Powerwall Battery?

Tesla Powerwall battery significantly impacted the solar energy market, making home energy usage trendy, extremely popular, and more reliable. With its first-generation energy storage Powerwall release in 2015, the world became obsessed with it. It was the first home battery with high-voltage and 6.4kWh capacity.

The Powerwall is a revolutionary home battery that you can install with your solar panel system to self-power your house. It will store the solar energy so that you will use it later on-demand, decreasing your dependence on the grid electricity. The Powerwall allows you to store 14 kWh of energy you can use during the night or in bad weather conditions when there is no sun. Each Powerwall system includes at least one Powerwall and a Tesla Gateway. They are both connected to the main electrical panel of your home. The Backup Gateway has a built-in intelligence and communications system, learning and adapting to your home energy usage and receiving over-the-air updates.

What for Tesla Powerwall specifications, it is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery system designed to work with any solar panel system. The Powerwall weighs 251.3 lbs or 114 kg while its dimension is 45.3″ x 29.6″ x 5.75″ (1150 mm x 753 mm x 147 mm).

You can mount the buttery on the wall or floor, inside the garage or outside in the yard. Whenever you need greater power needs, it is possible to use up to ten Powerwalls with one Gateway.

Protection Against Grid Outages

On the occasion of grid outages, Tesla Powerwall automatically provides backup power, ensuring your home with 24/7 energy. With Powerwall, you are always energy secured, and it is the right choice for you to provide blackout protection. 

The Powerwall can detect grid outages, disconnecting from the grid and bringing power back to your home in a fraction of a second. It is much faster than typical standby generators and fast enough to keep your appliances running without interruption. So, you don’t need to reset your appliances later. 

Moreover, Powerwall is energy efficient. With its time-based control, you can get the most out of energy production. Thus, you can set up to optimize your energy consumption from the grid utility by discharging the stored energy in the batteries on peak hours and charging it back during off-peak hours.

Powerwall Aesthetics 

The aesthetics and the modern look of the Tesla Powerwall are other advantages of it. Powerwall is compact, safe and includes a built-in battery inverter, which provides easier integration and over-the-air updates for new features and functions. 

With Powerwall, you will also get a Tesla mobile app allowing you to have complete control and visibility over your home solar generation, battery power flow and energy consumption in real-time from anywhere.

To install Tesla Powerwall will take you less than a day: you only need to be available throughout the day. You will lose power for about four hours during the installation process.

Tesla And The Environment 

Nowadays, solar energy is the leading green energy source. Solar energy spares no other natural energy resource, not contributing to air, water and noise pollution. It has no impact concerning health-hazardous materials and does not contribute harmful waste products to the environment.

Tesla Powerwall is super environmentally friendly. Generating your own clean, renewable energy and storing it for later use, you will no longer contribute to greenhouse gasses and have no future carbon footprint. So, installing a Tesla Powerwall worth it.

Tesla Powerwall Warranty And Life Cycle

Tesla is offering a pretty long manufacturer’s warranty. Tesla Powerwall warranty is ten years for unlimited cycles. However, all the batteries reduce their capacity over time when being charged and discharged. The Tesla Powerwall capacity retains about 70% of the battery capacity after ten years of usage, and it is reasonable. This reduction also depends on several other factors, including operating temperature, depth of discharge, rate of charge and the total cycles.

Author of a publication: Irene Abgaryan 

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