Independent But With Solar: Go Solar On July 4Th To Craft The Sustainable Future

THE date is almost there. History, development, power, united spirit of the nation can be found just on one date – July 4th. Marking the Day of Independence, July 4th gets celebrated to the maximum joy and festivity. People don’t save on resources; they just have fun and make it as memorable as possible. Indeed, what comes after that day is solely the comprehension of the reality – wasted resources impeccable of recovery.

But what can the nation do? The day should be celebrated to the max. What about taking sustainable approaches towards festivity on July 4th? Research shows that electricity and finances get wasted on July 4th more than other resources. So, a sustainable strategy to cut waste needs to be brought forward. Today, the world thrives towards environmental sustainability, and renewable resources are what everyone goes for. Solar energy – the trending resource is the rescuer in such a complicated situation. If we talk about cutting down on finances and power waste on July 4th, we should concentrate on solar energy. There are reasons why solar power is the rescuer. To find them out, let’s proceed with the article and take the chance to celebrate July 4th in a more affordable and resourceful way this year. 

Solar Energy Is Financially Beneficial

At the end of each month, you may get surprised by monthly utility bills as, sometimes, they fluctuate too much. Be pretty sure that July month will definitely be one of those surprising months, taking into account the amount of energy consumption on the 4th of July. However, with solar energy, such unanticipated occasions can be skipped. 

Solar power doesn’t fluctuate like fossil fuels. It comes directly from the sun and gets consumed upon demand. Such a systematic approach gives the possibility to have fixed monthly bills of incremental amounts and inexhaustible energy all month long. Not to mention, a bundle of equipment – home solar panel kits – includes a home battery that helps in energy conservation for later use upon demand if, for some reason, excess energy generated by photovoltaic panels doesn’t get consumed in that particular month. Turns out, you don’t pay more, but you get the opportunity to consume more! Indeed, in case of not wanting to consume the energy, you have the chance to sell extra energy back to the grid. 

Great news! This year the solar panel system cost is $444 less than usual if you buy the solar panel system from Shneyder Solar – Happy July 4th! 

Solar Energy Is Environmentally Friendly

Coming directly from the sun and getting supplied to consumers through a home solar panel, the sun’s power is one of the cleanest resources available these days. One household using solar energy contributes to carbon footprint reduction in an amount of 80 percent! Besides carbon footprint reduction, running a house on fossil fuels contributes to the release of toxic gases into the atmosphere, which creates an overly abnormal greenhouse effect and puts a start to climate change. Of course, the greenhouse effect is the usual, natural process of warming up the surface of the Earth, but the one created by toxic gases harms the atmosphere. Catastrophes like cyclones, flooding, drought, and alikes happen because of the increased greenhouse effect. But, the switch to solar power will help. The reason behind this is that photovoltaic panels supplying the energy of the sun don’t produce greenhouse gases which automatically reduces the possibility of climate change progression. 

Do you remember the part of the article stating that we waste resources on July 4th? Those resources that we waste on that day include water, too. Turns out, fossil fuels run on freshwater, and with the amount of electricity on a daily basis and on such holidays, running out of fresh water is a real possibility. On the contrary, solar energy supplying equipment – PV panels – doesn’t run on water. So, we save water by going solar. 

Carbon footprint reduction alongside water resource conservation are possible with the sun’s energy even on the 4th of July. 

Final Note

Turns out, July 4th can be a sustainable holiday to celebrate. Financially beneficial and environmentally sustainable – all about the sun’s energy. With the solar, the celebration of the Day of Independence becomes a sustainable lifestyle moment worth even more respect, festivity, and honor than before. 

Go solar and continue building the independent country we all deserve.

The author of a publication: Veronika Abrahamyan

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