Is Powering Texas a Green Investment?

Solar modules in the United States have become very popular in recent years. Texas has sunny weather most of the time making it a great place to use solar energy. Even though Texas weather conditions are mostly warm and hot, there have been cases of extreme weather such as hurricanes resulting in power outages, in recent years. That is also a great reason why you should look into solar for powering Texas. 

Alternative Renewable Energy Usage in Powering Texas


There are over 150 wind farms in Texas, which together have a capacity of over 30,000 MW as of 2020. Texas alone would rank 5th in the highest installed wind capacity in countries. The only countries it doesn’t exceed are China, The US, Germany, and India. It produces immense wind power, the largest of any state in the US. The biggest wind farms in Texas are the following. There’s Sweetwater Wind Farm which is based in Nolan County, Texas which started operating in 2007. It has 392 turbines and stretches over 144 miles of West Texas. Upon being built, it was the largest farm in Texas and the world. There’s also Roscoe Wind Farm which is located outside Abilene, Texas. It spans across four counties and is 100,000 acres. Upon its opening in 2009, it was the largest in the world. There’s also the Los Vientos Windfarm that was completed in 2016. It has 400 turbines and enough power to supply energy to 120,000 homes. Horse Hollow Wind Energy Center has 421 turbines and was also considered the largest globally at some point. And lastly, The Capricorn Ridge Wind Farm. It provides enough energy to power 220,000 homes, the wind turbine that does most in powering Texas. It also prevents over 160,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions. That proves that Texas is a leader in alternative energy sources. It produces the most wind power of any state and makes efforts as well with solar power.

The Texas Greenouts


In the case of Texas power grid issues, solar is a life-saver. In situations where power plants are having outages, you can have solar power to fall back on in powering Texas. With the help of solar and renewables, you can have power for at least a few days if you have batteries as well. Not to mention the fact that Texas has a lot of Wind Farms that help in powering Texas, which means that the dependency is not solely on the grid. With the help of renewables, Texas has become a Green state, one of the Greenest states.
Overall, Powering Texas is mostly Green, which is excellent news because it makes use of the sun and takes advantage of it. It also helps in cases of power plant shutdowns and power outages. That also means that going solar in Texas is an extraordinary idea amidst the power outages. You can have complete independent power if you make that decision.

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