Know Your Benefits With Solar Shingles

In recent years, solar shingles have become a popular product in the solar industry. With solar technology development, the number of solar installations is growing in the United States. Solar power shingles, also known as photovoltaic shingles, combine the benefits of generating solar energy with providing you with roofing

To decide if solar shingles are suitable for your home or business, you should learn all the advantages you receive when going solar with a solar panel roof shingle. But first of all, let’s understand what solar shingles are and how they work.

What Are Solar Shingles And How They Work?

While designed to look like regular asphalt roof tiles, solar shingles consist of an ultrathin layer of photovoltaic cells that collect the sun’s power and convert it into sustainable energy. How does this happen? When the sun heats the photovoltaic cells in the shingle, the energy collected is transferred through semiconductors. 

Solar cells are made of semiconductive metals, including silicon, copper-indium-gallium-selenide, and wires. Solar tiles also have quartz glass waterproof coating, making solar shingles one of the most rigid roofing materials. It is an important fact that makes your investment in solar shingles more worthwhile. Moreover, solar shingles are lightweight and flexible. 

Solar Shingle Power Generation

The primary benefit of solar shingles is, by all means, its power generation. Solar shingles are used with both off-grid and grid-tied systems. Off-grid systems do not need to connect to the power grid. The energy is drawn from the solar batteries charging through solar energy. It is a perfect choice for locations with grid connection difficulties. 

In the case of grid-tied systems, you can always send your excess energy back to the power grid. However, grid-tied systems do not function when there is a power outage

The amount of solar tiles required for your roof installation depends mainly on the type of tiles you will buy. Solar tiles usually generate between 13 and 60 watts of energy. It will reduce your electricity bills by 40% and even more. Your solar shingle system’s size and the area required for solar shingle installation depend on your annual electricity usage. 

Solar Shingle Appearance

Another essential benefit of solar shingles is the appearance. Generally, solar shingles look like regular shingles. They are flexible and come in various styles and sizes. If you consider installing a solar system, but you are not sure about the look of a basic solar panel, solar shingles are what you will love at first sight. 

Solar shingles are aesthetically pleasing. They will help you preserve the existing architecture of existing buildings. They suit all kinds of roofs. Solar shingles serve both as primary roofing materials at the same time, replacing your regular shingles. As a result, solar shingles do not require any extra space for installation, unlike the solar panel system. Moreover, solar shingles are smaller than regular solar panels and weigh about 13 pounds per square foot. 

Solar Shingles Worth It

Solar shingles are worthwhile, like any other sustainable energy source. They are environmentally friendly, will decrease your grid electricity dependence, and reduce your overall carbon footprint. Solar shingles produce less waste and need little to no maintenance. They are durable and last about 30 years

Another advantage of solar shingles is that you can receive solar tax credits and incentives. With those financial advantages, you will reduce your electricity bills. 

Solar shingles become especially worthy when you value your roof esthetics. With the rising costs of fossil fuels and other kinds of energy, solar roofs’ importance increases. 

Solar Shingle Installation

The solar shingle installation process is simple. Solar shingles are easier to install than solar panels. You can also combine solar shingles with conventional shingles covering larger roof areas. 

If installed properly, solar shingles will withstand strong winds and heavy snow. Solar shingles will also help you save on the traditional roofing materials, labor, and solar panels. If you need to replace your roofing or you are building a new home, solar shingles are a more cost-effective choice. Besides, solar tiles can easily be removed and reinstalled if you plan to move. 

Nevertheless, you will need a licensed solar installer or professional solar company for the installation. You can also need an electrician to help you with a solar power inverter. So, choosing a solar panel roof shingle, take your time to research the best solar panel companies to find what really fits your needs.

Author of a publication: Irene Abgaryan 

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