Make The Most Of Black Friday Deals To Go Solar

Have been thinking of starting your solar journey but could not decide when to take that step? Now is the time to go green and benefit from such offers that have not been there throughout the whole year. Read further to find out how you can take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for your solar panel installation.

Free Surge Suppression For Your Whole House

A power surge is a short increase in voltage above the normal levels. Usually, the standard voltage is 120 volts for a home or office and when it gets high, your electronics can be damaged. Being electronic devices, solar arrays and the other components of solar panel kits may also be subject to the possible damages of surges. As solar panels are normally placed in exposed locations and have a large surface area, lighting strikes have a huge potential to be detrimental to them. Surge suppression will protect your solar panel system from the harmful effects of lightning as well as the other overvoltages. Go solar now and you will get free protection for your whole house from the best solar panel company in Texas

Free Consumption Monitoring

Save money on your electricity bill by having a full apprehension of when and how your home electricity is utilized. Consumption monitoring will enable you to see the exact energy usage patterns and make some changes for having your power use optimized. For example, the peak hours are usually in the mid-evening, as most people return from work during that period. Hence, in case you are aware that the electricity cost is going to be higher in the evening, you can shift your power usage to much earlier in the day when solar production is at its maximum.

As a result, it will be possible to make more informed choices for the future of your electricity consumption. Particularly, the system will enable you to identify the areas, for which you can utilize less energy. The most fundamental component here is the availability of real-time performance data, with the help of which the energy is measured as it happens. Accordingly, evaluation, measurement, as well as verification of the findings lead to effective decision making for a more optimized solar panel system production. Unfortunately, not all the solar panel companies include consumption monitoring in the list of their services. It is important, however, to get more educated about how you make use of the produced energy, which will lead to significant financial benefits. Use this exceptional chance to get those benefits just for free.  

Free Panel Washing

The cleaner your solar panels, the better the system will perform. If you have already embarked on your solar journey, it is crucial to protect your investment. Even if you got a solar panel kit with the best solar panel included, its cleanness is vital for effective production.

Washing the panels and getting rid of the accumulated dust, grease, bird droppings, or any other particles will make the path of natural light to the solar cells much easier. Consequently, more light will “enter” into the cells and more energy will be produced when the panels are cleaned once or twice a year.

Increased Savings 

The above-mentioned services are essential for efficient energy production and they also require some spending along with the solar panel cost.

Hence, making most of the available deals during this period will help you a lot to reduce your expenditure. A solar panel cost calculator will provide you with an estimate of savings, that can be increased by the amount you will save in case of choosing to go green now. 

Author of the article: Nvard Hakobyan

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