Parkland Garland Adult Care Clinic

If you’re looking for a clinic in the Garland area, look no further. Our list of Garland, Texas near Shneyder Solar, adult care clinics includes Tenison Women’s Health Center, Lakeview OBGYN, Parkland Memorial Hospital, and the Parkland Garland Adult Care Clinic.

Parkland Garland Adult Care Clinic

Parkland Garland Adult Care Clinic offers family health care for children, adults and seniors. It offers physicals, sick visits and chronic disease management. It is also a part of Parkland Health System in Garland, Texas. The clinic offers walk-in clinic services and offers financial assistance.

The clinic has a patient care coordinator who coordinates clinic activities and business processes. She checks in patients, reviews their accounts and confirms insurance coverage. She can also refer patients to financial counseling services and handle upfront cash collections. She also accounts for all monies collected. If you’re considering the clinic as a senior care option, check online for reviews.

Parkland Garland Adult Care Clinic is one of the most affordable healthcare centers in Garland. The doctors and staff are experienced, compassionate and provide quality medical care. The clinic provides gynecology care and ob-gyn services. The facility also offers adult day care and nursing care. Browse next article

Tenison Women’s Health Center

Tenison Women’s Health Center is a nonprofit organization run by Dr. Sherry Tenison. This practice focuses on providing women’s health care and has been in operation for 17 years. Tenison’s team is very compassionate and provides comprehensive care to women of all ages. In addition to providing medical care, the clinic also offers counseling and contraception for women without parental approval.

Tenison Women’s Health Center is located in Garland, Texas, and offers various health services, including gynecology, acne treatment, and more. The clinic also offers nursing care and is affiliated with the Texas Department of Human Services. The clinic provides services to all ages and is located at 5505 Broadway Blvd, Ste B.

Trust Her partner clinics focus on providing high-quality care for patients. This means that everyone, from front desk staff to medical staff, receives special training. Staff members are familiar with the various types of contraception and ensure that clients understand how to use them. The Trust Her team asks a lot of community clinics to go above and beyond to meet their goals.

Lakeview OBGYN

If you’re in need of an OB/GYN in the Garland, Texas area, you’re in luck. Lakeview Obgyn is located only a few miles away. This clinic provides women with complete family planning and female health care.

They offer a variety of services for women in the Garland area, including pediatric care. Several physicians are located at this location. This facility is also affiliated with the Garland Women’s Health Center-Cwhc, an adult health clinic that serves women in the Dallas area.

The clinic offers sliding-fee health care to patients who qualify. To determine if you qualify, visit their website. You’ll need to provide proof of income and household size to be considered for free care. However, if you have more than eight people, you’ll have to pay $4480 for each additional person in your household. HUD federal poverty guidelines differ by state.

Parkland Memorial Hospital

Parkland Garland Adult Care Clinic provides comprehensive care for adults and children within the Garland, Texas area. The clinic offers everything from sick visits to physicals to chronic disease management and urgent care. The clinic also offers affordable financial assistance for qualified residents of Dallas County. This clinic is located at 1650 Garland Road, Garland, Texas.

To learn more about this facility, visit its website. It contains information on its office locations, contact information, fax numbers, online support, and working hours. You can also read reviews to determine the level of service that you can expect from the clinic. For example, you can view the customer satisfaction ratings on the website, which will help you make an informed decision about the quality of care that you can expect from this facility.

The Garland Women’s Health Center-Cwhc offers gynecology and obgyn care for women and provides other resources that support healthy living. The clinic also offers nursing care to those in need.

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