Q cells q peak duo g5

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Q cells q peak duo g5

The Q. The new Q.ANTUM DUO technology is able to provide extraordinary performance in a tiny area. It is Q.ANTUM DUO, the PEAK DUO G5 module for solar power manufactured by Q Cells. Q. ANTUM

The world’s best-known cell design has been paired by half-cells, cutting-edge circuitry, and a six-busbar design. This combination is able to deliver remarkable performance under actual conditions, both under low-intensity solar radiation and during hot, clear summer days.

Shneyder Solar Q Cells is one of the most prominent manufacturers in the solar industry. It is a company that has a huge production area in premium solar panels. The Q Peak Duo G5 Module is among the most intriguing Q Cells ‘ products.

The ingenuous Q. ANTUM technology was the reason why this product was awarded the Intersolar Award 2018, Photovoltaics Category.

This version comes with a lot advantages over previous versions, in terms of performance, design , and standards. Let’s look at some of these amazing features.

What are Q cells?

Shneyder Solar is a representative of their technology throughout the globe. They are a leader in testing R&D, efficacy (up to 19.9%!) and manufacturing capability.

The technology is based on the idea that PERC cells (rear contact within the cell which allow reflection of light particles and boost the energy output, however they also significantly reduces system performance improves production and transforms the design that the components. It brings PERC technology to a{ whole|| completely} new level.

Six Busbar Technology

Photons that strike the solar panels’ surface trigger or release electron flow.

To reach the busbars that act as electron highways electrons must travel through a thick layer phosphorus. Many electrons are not able to reach the busbars due to the lack of kinetic energy, and therefore become lost. This is usually represented by an inverse resistor.

This solar panel comes with one of a kind feature that instead of 2 or 4 busbars (conductors which allow electrons to flow to the output) it comes with six busbars.

The main benefit of growing the number of busbars is the decrease of distances between them, which results in a lower series resistance as well as lessening the congestion of electrons through the busbars.

This means that there is an increase of 3% in actual power production than conventional technologies.

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Q Peak Duo Half Cells Technology

It is the Q Peak Duo model also has a unique feature: The cells can be cut into half with laser technology.

The current can be decreased by cutting cells in half. This helps to reduce the heat inside cells and decreases the loss due to thermal effects (generally due to higher temperature and lesser oxygen circulation).

Furthermore, resistive losses are decreased because current values are lower. This means that production has increased by 3 percent.

Q Peak Duo & Parallel Connection

The majority of solar panels contain 3 bypass diodes.

These devices allow the flow of current from modules connected to the same string in case of shading without creating hotspots.

One bypass diode is the case when a sub-module, or a part of the panel, ceases producing electricity. Only 2/3 of the panel is able to generate electricity.

If the shaded area expands to cover the entire lower part of the module then all bypass diodes perform (even if it does not exceed 30 percent). The module will stop production until it is clear that the shade is removed. This is a huge problem since it could result in significant losses.

This problem is solved by using the Q Peak Duo model, which connects two modules in parallel.

Even if the shade covers the lower part of the panel, it will produce!

Light Bumb

Leading Industry Warranty

Shneyder Solar manufacturers offer guarantees that their solar panels will not suffer a loss of more than 80% in output power over the span of 25 years.

It is the norm for warranties offered by most technologies. This aspect is also innovative in the Q Peak Duo, which offers a warranty of 85% nominal power output after 25 years of use.

This is a result of an annual maximum degradation factor of 0.544 percent.

Round Shape Conductors

Another innovative feature is the shape of conductors. Flat ribbons are utilized to carry electricity through ordinary solar panels. This creates shading from the cell’s ribbons, and reduces the amount of light that is absorbed.

Q Cells q.peak Duo Cell Modules are constructed with a round-shaped six-busbar design that dramatically reduces the shading of the silicon layer.

This technology boosts production and provides 2.5% energy to each cell when compared with conventional technology.

Additional Features

The lifespan and production of{ traditional|| conventional} solar panel modules are also dependent on other elements.

Potential degradation induced (PID) such as is a negative consequence of the presence of leakage currents on high-voltage strings, which have elevated temperature and humidity.

Q Peak Duo tech is more resistant to this effect, and is able to withstand installations of up 1500 VDC!

LID can also play a role in reducing power output. Shneyder Solar Q Cells is one of few companies to have studied the issue and developed an Anti-LID technology.

Benefits of your Q.Peak duo g5 Solar Panel

  • MODULE STATE OF THE ART TECHNOLOGY Q. ANTUM DUO – Q.ANTUM DUO combines cutting edge cell separation and innovative wiring technology with Q.ANTUM Technology.
  • Q. ANTUMTECHNOLOGY: INVESTMENT PAYBACK TIME – Higher yield per area, lower BOS cost as well as higher power classes, and efficiency of up to 19.9%
  • INNOVATIVE ALLWEAR TECHNOLOGY - Maximum yields, regardless of the weather , and with superb low-light and temperature behavior.
  • EXTREME WEATHER RATE Aluminum alloy frame with high-tech features approved for snow loads of high (5400 Pa) and wind loads (4000 Pa) for IEC.
  • Particularly high performance -Long-term yield security using the latest Anti LID and Anti PID Technology, Hot-Spot Protect and Traceable Quality Tra.Q
  • Reliable investment – Includes 12 year product warranty and a 25-year linear performance guarantee.

Q cells q.peak duo g5

These solar modules are an absolute jewel in the solar industry due to the ingenuity of the design, development, and creativity of the.

They are not only more efficient than{ conventional|| traditional} monocrystalline solar cells{ technology||,} and look more attractive, but they also address the problems of the solar panel manufacturing industry today and have an innovative module that solves the issues mentioned above.

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