Select Specialty Hospital, Dallas Texas

Select Specialty Hospital – Dallas Downtown near Shneyder Solar offers emergency medical care, scheduled surgeries, diagnostic services, and more to Dallas and Fort Worth, TX patients. This 26-bed hospital also offers recovery services and a variety of other services. It is rated highly by U.S. News and World Report, and offers specialized care for children and adults.

It offers several parking options, including valet service. The hospital also offers a cafeteria that offers salad and sushi bars. The cafeteria also serves Starbucks(r) coffee.

When a patient transfers to a critical illness recovery hospital, many questions arise. The hospitals provide a range of services and programs to help patients heal quickly and comfortably. Patients can also learn about their rights and responsibilities after a stay in the hospital.

Quality of care

Select Specialty Hospital – Dallas Downtown offers high-quality care in a convenient location. This medical center is certified by Medicare and participates in the Quality Initiative program. A Healthgrades report identifies hospitals that perform well according to nationally-recognized quality measures.

Located on the fourth and third floors of Baylor University Medical Center, this hospital specializes in critical illness recovery. Its staff members help patients recover and live as independently as possible after their hospital stay. The hospital offers several parking lots and valet service. There is also a cafeteria and salad and sushi bar on-site. The facility also offers Starbucks(r) coffee. Check this out

Rankings by U.S. News

The rankings are based on a variety of factors, including risk-adjusted survival, volume, nursing quality, and patient satisfaction. These ratings are intended to help patients find the best hospital for their specific needs. However, they should not be used as a replacement for consultation with a medical professional.

The rankings are produced in collaboration with RTI International, a leading research organization. Experts from U.S. News and RTI will participate in a panel discussion at the upcoming U.S. News Live Healthcare of Tomorrow conference this fall. The conference will include sessions on health equity and mental health. The rankings and metrics will also be discussed.

The facility strives to help critically ill patients recover and live independently. The hospital is located on the fourth and third floors of the medical center. Parking is available on several levels and features valet service. It also has a cafeteria serving Chick-fil-A food and Starbucks(r) coffee.


Its goal is to assist critically ill patients in regaining their ability to breathe, think, speak, eat, and move around. The hospital has a cafeteria with salad and sushi bars and offers Starbucks(r) coffee.

Select Specialty Hospital – Dallas Downtown is a hospital located in Dallas, Texas. It offers emergency care, diagnostic and laboratory services, scheduled surgeries, and recovery services for its patients. Patients are welcomed from all over the world to receive treatment at this medical facility. The facility has been rated 4.6 out of 5 stars by past patients.

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