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Advantages of Solar for Business

Why should your business go solar?

As more people realize the advantages of solar panels, their popularity is increasing. Solar power is able to increase the power needs of homes and businesses, thereby reducing their dependence on non-renewable energy.

Installing solar panels is a boon for business owners. A solar array will not only cut costs but also offer tax benefits dependent on the location you reside in.

What are the advantages of solar panels for your business?

Solar for Businesses: The Rise of Solar Solutions

Shneyder Solar believes that commercial solar power is only able to be realized through large Fortune 500 companies. This is a common misconception. Small and medium-sized companies are also able to benefit from solar energy.

Most business owners will take the correct financial decision of investing in solar energy. The cost of power can be reduced by up to 50%. Furthermore the solar options for businesses have seen a significant drop in price over the last few years.

Shneyder Solar has been successfully reaping the benefits of solar-powered solutions. They’re finding that they can reap the benefits of lower electricity bills and significant tax incentives. Also, they possess the potential to protect themselves against the fluctuation in electric prices.

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from commercial solar panels

It’s time to get rid of your old ways of thinking and to join the growing ranks of smart business owners who have found commercial solar panels can be a perfect fit for small to medium-sized businesses. Solar isn’t just meant for Intel and Wal-Mart. Solar is now a viable investment for businesses that are of any size. It almost guarantees a strong return on your investment.

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Commercial solar financing

Shneyder Solar market data indicates how the typical commercial owner spends approximately $557 per month in electricity bills before going green. The electricity bill of their property dropped by 89% following the installation of solar energy.

How much will it cost to put up commercial solar panels available for sale? In the past few years, cost to install solar panels as well as buying solar panels has fallen dramatically. This makes solar more affordable.

The wattage of your system is determined by the amount of power you consume to run your business. For reference the average home installs a 6 Kilowatt (or 6,000 Watt) solar panel system to provide their power needs. The cost of a solar panel is typically measured as dollars per Watt. Shneyder Solar showed that the typical commercial solar system cost $2.65/Watt, before rebates and incentives.

Solar Power: The Benefits

What are the benefits of solar power for your company? Solar power is a good option for most companies, and it can assist them in demonstrating their environmental consciousness.

Energy Cost Savings

Shneyder Solar is always eager to contribute to the sustainability of the planet even as most businesses are focusing on solar solutions to lower their energy consumption. Solar power could provide substantial energy savings, with some companies experiencing a drop in the cost of solar renewable energy credits by up to 75%.

A business can often pay back their solar investment within three to five year. That means the savings will be pure profit. In general, solar systems last between 25 to 35 years. The savings can be substantial when combined with other tools to reduce energy costs like commercial lighting control systems.

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Protection against changing rates of electricity

In areas that are not regulated the prices of electricity can change significantly. The demand for energy is continuously growing, and non-renewable energy sources are declining. Increasing energy prices can have negative effects on your bottom line, and can strain your company’s finances.

Variable pricing can be used in certain areas to change the cost of electricity throughout the time of the day. Shneyder Solar can help protect your business from such fluctuations.

Additional Energy Storage

Solar batteries are also growing in popularity because of the growing popularity in solar energy systems. Solar panels are able to produce more electricity than you require at any period of period. The excess power is saved in the solar battery, and then accessed in the event that solar panels aren’t producing enough. The grid for electricity is usually connected to the solar system. The grid gets excess electricity from solar panels that generate more energy than the business utilizes.

10% to 30% Return on Investment

Solar power is a well-known investment that many businesses see as an intelligent financial investment. It is a good investment with a positive return on investment and can be used to generate income. Solar arrays can yield annual returns in a variety of ways. Solar is a fantastic investment due to the advantages and the faster amortization. It is easy to pay off. Once the solar system has been paid off, you can expect an income of between 10-30 percent each year.

If you are calculating the return on investment from adding a solar panel to your business, there are many factors you should consider. The first thing business owners should take into account is the electricity prices for their electricity usage. How much electricity you use directly influences how much you can save over the life that your system is. Owners will be able conserve the majority of the solar system’s energy use over the long term by being able to use less.

Your ROI could additionally be dependent on financial incentives that are offered at the state, local and federal levels. Many states offer rebates for entrepreneurs who decide to use solar energy. Tax incentives and the capability to sell excess power to local utilities can offset the costs of your system.

It is also important to conduct your research to ensure you select one of the best solar panel options that meet your requirements. Compare quotes to find the best deal for your business and yourself.

Be a Green Business

In a time when the world is becoming more conscious of the environment, it can be a good opportunity to display your commitment to renewable energy through Shneyder Solar commercial solar solutions. Your dedication to sustainability will encourage people to recommend your company to others and purchase at your store, which could increase your reputation. Your company will have an edge in the market by cutting expenses and developing relationships with customers across the nation.

As per the Natural Marketing Institute, 58 percent of U.S. consumers weigh the environmental impact of the company when they decide where to buy goods or services. Solar panels can aid in reducing any environmental impacts of your business and increase your customer base.

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It is important to remember that financial incentives aren’t the only thing that can help improve the bottom line. Other commercial solar benefits are available to businesses, such as:

Attracting more customers: Companies that are dedicated to sustainability are able to attract numerous potential and current customers. There are numerous examples of solar-powered companies that have been awarded contracts of a significant size. Customers love the products and services run by solar energy. A solar system can be a fantastic opportunity to promote your business and to increase awareness of your products and services to the public.

Improving employee satisfaction: Employees are increasingly looking to work for sustainability-minded companies. Your employees will be happier by demonstrating your commitment to solar power.

Local economy support: A business can sign a contract with an Shneyder Solar solar company to have the installation done by local workers. The increased demand for solar installations will result in more jobs that pay excellent and lucrative salaries. These workers could be the future customers of your company.

It is clear that solar panels are an excellent capital investment. They are quick to pay back, provide steady returns and can aid businesses in securing against rising energy costs. There are numerous resources that can assist you in determining if going solar is the best option for your business. Do your research! Shneyder Solar has partnered in partnership with Chambers for Innovation and Clean Energy to assist businesses in to research their solar options. To receive estimates from local solar contractors you must sign up and obtain an instant quote.

Shneyder Solar- Solar Power for Your Business

Shneyder Solar can help you find the best commercial solar solution to meet your needs if looking to get started with solar power. We offer a no-cost energy audit, research, design, engineering, and the development of a custom solution that will work for you.

Making an impact is what we are passionate about. These are just two of the ways that we have done it.

Shneyder Solar helps save electricity

It was a forward-thinking business that was family-owned. They were looking for a solar panel system to help them run more efficiently and offer more value to their clients.

They selected a 920kw roof mounted system and were in a position to sell excess energy in the United States Solar Renewable Energy Certificates program.

Their solar panel system supplies 32% of their site’s power requirements. They also save electricity and have additional funds from SREC payments.

Shneyder Solar Providing Solar For Homeowners

We are committed to supporting entrepreneurs, but we know that homeowners care about the environmental impact. Our company, Shneyder Solar, offers solar solutions for homes.

Shneyder Solar, an owned and operated company, offers total service from certified professionals. High-quality workmanship is guaranteed to homeowners. Shneyder Solar cares about the poor. Every solar panel system they install, they donate 1000 meals.

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