Solar Energy Facts

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Solar Energy Facts

At a alarming rate that non-renewable resources like gas, coal, and oil are being used up in alarming amounts. The time has come when plentiful energy sources such as solar, wind, and geothermal are looked after. While many countries have begun to use solar energy extensively however, there is far from being able to can fully exploit the renewable energy source to meet the energy requirements of their day-to-day lives.

The solar energy industry will explode in the coming years because of the growing concern about sustainable development across the globe. This will create many jobs for people, and will also assist us in sustain our eco-friendly existence.

Everybody is looking for an alternative source of energy which will allow them to save the non-renewable resources for the future. It is undoubtedly the future of our planet as well as the best energy source.

What is Solar Energy?

The sun’s rays are called solar energy. For billions of years, the sun has produced energy. It’s the main energy source for all life. It is a renewable source of energy that is not dependent on other sources like fossil fuels. Solar energy technology uses the sun’s energy for lighting homes and producing hot water, heating homes and other purposes including the solar tankless heater review, electric power and electricity.

It has the primary advantage of not producing any pollution, and is one of the cleanest sources of energy. It is a renewable source of energy, easy to install solar panels, and requires little maintenance. Solar energy has one limitation: it can’t be used at night. Direct sunlight that is absorbed on Earth’s surface depends on the location you’re in, what season it is, and also how much there is of it.

16 Solar Energy facts

The popularity of solar-powered systems for energy is increasing rapidly. Photovoltaic panels are able to convert sunlight’s energy into electricity which can be utilized to power homes and businesses. Information about details about the research, technology,, and installation process for most solar panels is increasing in demand as the industry grows. You might be amazed by some of the solar energy facts you will discover.

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1. Despite the global pandemic the solar industry saw record-breaking increase in the year 2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 had a negative effect on many sectors, but in the field of solar, not so much. Based on SEIA the solar panels installed rose by 43 percent (21.2 gigawatts) during the year of 2019 when compared with 2019. The fourth quarter was the most productive, with the US has added eight gigawatts to the grid, a record for the world. This is enough power to power approximately 190,000.

2. The solar energy source is by far the cheapest and abundant energy source worldwide.

The price for installing solar panels generation was $1.65/watt as of the month December. This is a narrow advantage in comparison to wind ($1.66/Watt), and fossil fuel rivals.

In 2016, a commercial solar company from Dubai provided solar power for $0.029 per kilowatt-hour. This was a major turning point in the economics of solar vs. other sources of energy. Solar power is currently the largest energy source in the world with the capacity of 89 Petawatts (PW). This article explains in detail the ways that fossil fuels and solar are compared to apples.

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3. In the United States alone, more than 2 million solar panels have been installed

In the early part of 2019 it was reported that the United States had reached 2 million solar system installations. This is only three years since 1 million installations were made. It took 40 years for the industry to reach this level. The industry is expected to grow to four million installed by the year 2023. This is an indication of solar’s rapid growth as the fastest-growing energy resource. The market’s current capacity of solar cells is expected to quadruple by 2030.

4. Today, a variety of manufacturers offer solar panels with more efficiency than 20 percent.

The scientific community’s emphasis on the development of solar technology has resulted in solar panel efficiency levels increasing at the same time as solar energy costs. Five years ago, the highest efficiency solar panel money could buy was 17 to 18 percent. Solar panels with efficiencies that range from 20-23 percent could be bought by homeowners in 2020. The two most well-known manufacturers in terms of solar panel efficiency are SunPower and Panasonic. Take a look at our entire writeup to learn more about the advancement of solar panel efficiency.

5. Within the United States, homeowners have achieved break-even on solar power in just three years

While the cost of solar energy has dropped but the cost of grid electricity is continuing to increase. That has led to the idea of the solar “break even point” more appealing. For most homeowners, they will see payback periods of 8 years in 2021, with estimations of savings for the next 20 years in excess of $20,000. In states such as New York and Massachusetts, where utility costs are high, homeowners may see break-even points of 3 or four years. To find out more about solar energy, read our article.

6. In certain states of the United States, the cost of solar systems is currently lower than $3 per watt

Ten years ago the cost for the installation of solar panels was higher than $8 per watt. Many speculated that one day solar power would surpass the $4/watt threshold. In 2022 the $3.00/Watt mark will come into effect. Every day, Shneyder Solar Marketplace receives quotes for prices below $3.00. After the tax credit subsidy from the federal government, the average solar panel system’s cost per Watt was $2.77/watt. This means that a smallerto medium-sized solar system (6,000 Watts) will cost $12.476.

7. Solar energy can be utilized to power planes which fly across the globe.

While many are aware that solar power can power cars, trains or space stations not many are sceptical about Bertrand Piccard’s choice to fly a solar-powered plane all around the globe with only the sun as his power source. The famous plane, dubbed as Solar Impulse II was used by the professional pilot and explorer from Switzerland. He returned to the United States in July 2016. This international flight offered many photographs and also spoke about the unlimited potential of solar energy.

8. Solar panels are not needed for homeowners to put in their own solar panels.

A lot of large utilities are now offering community solar. They offer incentives to obtain the majority of their power generated from green sources. The idea of shared solar, or community solar - which involves the installation of a{ large|| massive} solar farm from where hundreds of people or even thousands of people can receive power – is growing in popularity. It is currently most popular in the states that follow: California, Minnesota, New York, Massachusetts, and New York. The numerous, practical and inexpensive advantages of community solar are rapidly making the idea popular across the country.

9. Solar energy is able to provide energy 24 hours per day

If homeowners are considering the idea of going solar their most common questions is “What will you do during the night?” This is one of the main obstacles for a mainstreaming of solar storage of energy. But, this is changing. Numerous well-known companies have made their debut in the solar storage industry such as Mercedes, LG, and Tesla. This is reducing the cost of solar storage. Homeowners can now purchase solar-plus storage units that are energy-independent. Look through our top solar batteries to find out more about storage.

The solar power facts give different perspectives on Solar’s growth in popularity and its ability to compete with fossil fuel resources. These guidelines can help you choose the ideal solar panel system to suit your needs.

10. CSP power-tower is one of the biggest solar power plant

California’s Mojave Desert has the biggest solar thermal mass materials production plant in the entire world. Ivanpah’s 392 MegaWatt, which is the largest solar power station, utilizes CSP technology, which is a concentrated solar power (CSP) that drives steam turbines that generate electricity. Mirrors powered by software reflect sunlight into three boilers which produce steam. CSP power towers such as Ivanpah utilize a unique technique for harnessing solar energy which allows energy storage after the sun has set. This is because sunlight’s melting salts could be utilized to store energy. This CSP plant was inaugurated in 2014 and has nearly increased the US’s annual Solar thermal power production. According to the CSP plant will stop 500,000 tons of carbon dioxide being released each year.

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11. Solar energy can be used to charge electric vehicles

Electric vehicles, along with other forms of renewable technology are becoming more popular. More than 9 percent of all new cars in this year’s market are EVs. Solar panels work great with electric cars and can charge them with the same efficiency as any other household appliance. A small solar array with 10 panels can recharge an entire electrical vehicle. It’s a cost-effective and efficient option, especially when you can benefit from the incentives available.

12. The United States has a record-breaking solar demand

As per the Department of Energy there has never been more need for solar. In the United States is the third largest solar market worldwide. In the United States, 23.6 gigawatts were installed for solar in 2021. This is enough power to power 23.3 million American households.

13. Solar panels can boost the worth of your home

Solar panels can be a great addition to your home, just like other enhancements like renovating the kitchen or adding a room. Solar panels can not only save you money on your electric bill, but they can they also help you sell your home. Numerous studies, including one conducted by Zillow which shows that solar panels can increase the value of your home up to 4percent.

14. There are a variety of options of financing for the solar system

There are many other options for solar panel buyers rather than buying them all in full. There are a variety of options to choose from, including specific solar loans or leases for solar, as well as power purchase contracts. Each financing option differs in the sense of what it covers and how often they will be repaid. But, homeowners looking to go solar ought to consider each of them.

15. One of the United States’ largest employer is the solar energy sector.

Despite a decline in the job opportunities, the solar industry employed 231,474 people in 2020. These numbers will increase in the next year because of the massive federal investment in solar energy, as well as President Biden’s aim of 100percent renewable energy by 2035.

  1. Shneyder Solar assists thousands of potential solar customers review quotes every year

Shneyder Solar is dedicated to aiding you in finding the right solar option for your home. We have been helping solar buyers across the country find the best solar options since our beginning at the beginning of 2009. Get your property registered today and begin your journey towards solar power that doesn’t cause pollution with us.

When looking for the best solar panels{ available|| on the market} there are a variety of things to think about. While some panels may have more efficiency than others; choosing the best solar equipment won’t always result in higher savings. It’s important to compare quotes for different equipment and financing options in order to determine the “sweet spot.”

If you are a homeowner in search of solar energy and want to get an approximate estimate for your solar energy needs, the Solar Calculator will help. It will give estimates of initial costs as well as long-term savings depending on the type of roof and location. Use our quote comparison tool to find local contractors.

  • Panels can be expensive to buy
  • It’s not compatible with every kind of roof
  • It’s not ideal when you’re planning on moving soon.
  • It can be difficult to locate locally-based solar contractors.
  • Lower electricity costs translate to lower savings

Solar panels are a smart investment that will yield an impressive return for the majority of homeowners. Although rooftop home solar panels may not be the ideal option for every homeowner however, they are perfectly acceptable.

Solar panels, like any other home improvement product, provide clear benefits for homeowners who are trying to cut their electricity bills and upgrade their efficiency in energy usage. It is not the case for everyone.


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