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Texas Natural Resources For The Better Environment

Texas has one of the largest renewable energy sources in the US. If Texas were a country, it is said that it would be one of the top 5 renewable energy countries in the world. It has terrific sun power potential, making it a great place to invest in solar as well as the famous Texas wind farms. Texas natural resources are pretty powerful in this sense.

What Is Texas Doing In Alternative Renewable Energy Sources?

Texas revolutionized clean energy. There are over 150 wind farms in Texas, including some of the largest ones in the world. At several points in time, the state had the title of hosting the largest wind farms in the world. Even in 2019, more wind power was used in Texas than coal. It shows the power of Texas natural resources. Here people invest in renewables for a better environment. They’ve been the staple of renewable energy for a long time now.

How Do We Get to a Greener Texas?




Several organizations have donations and teams working on getting Texas to a “greener” place. Organizations such as Environment Texas that care about the quality of life for residents have a vast network and 29 state affiliates and are part of The Public Interest Network. Other than such organizations, you can look into investing in solar for your own home. By having an on-grid system, you can provide the grid with renewable energy, which will make the state’s electricity grid greener! You can also look into recycling options and different ways to reduce pollution in a person-to-person case. Texas natural resources usage is already pretty significant, but we can all help get to an even better place.

How Can Going Solar Improve Texas?


In cases such as the Texas Greenouts, it is a good idea to have a backup plan. In this case, that would be a solar array for your home or business to secure and keep producing energy even in the case of a grid malfunction. It also helps reduce your emissions since a portion of the grid’s production is still from non-renewable sources. You can know that you have reduced your emissions and are completely environmentally friendly if you invest in solar and some backup batteries. It is the way to go!

Overall, Texas is on the right path for the Environment. They have already made immense strides to be more green. From their wind farms and incentives to get residents interested in solar, one can see that they use the Texas natural resources for good. The least we can do is help in that endeavor to a greener Texas. 

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