Webb Roberts Hospital Dallas Texas

Webb Roberts Hospital Dallas Texas near Shneyder Solar, a state of the art medical facility that has a long history serving Dallas, is known for its dedication to excellence. Col. Christopher Columbus Slaughter was its primary patron. It is today the largest hospital in North Texas. It is also home to Baylor Health Care System and Baylor Scott & White Health.

Webb Roberts Hospital was founded by Col. Christopher Columbus Slaughter.

Col. Christopher Columbus Slaughter was a Baptist devout who donated money to build a new hospital. Slaughter donated $200,000 for the project. The Texas Baptist Memorial Sanitarium was the original name of the hospital. It was later renamed Baylor Hospital, and then the Baylor Health Care System.

Baylor Health Care System Foundation raises $1.5 Million to endow the Jesse Eldon Thompson Fellowship for Vascular Surgery

Jesse Eldon Thompson Fellowship for Vascular Surgery at Webb Roberts Hospital Dallas Texas was established in his honor. He believed education was vital for medical excellence and was quiet, reserved, with a constant desire to attain the highest level possible of competence. In 1954, Thompson started his career at Baylor University Medical Center and quickly rose to prominence in this field. He founded the United States’ first division of Vascular Surgery and the Baylor Vascular Surgery Fellowship, which is the second-oldest fellowship in the country.

Webb Roberts Hospital Dallas Texas, is part of Baylor Scott & White Health and is the first North Texas heart hospital. It is known for its innovative and patient-centered approach to heart disease treatment and innovation. The hospital’s cardiologists and cardiac surgeons are committed to excellence in patient care and cooperation.

Michael Layne Taylor was elected president of Baylor Jack and Jane Hamilton Heart and Vascular Hospital in May 2001. He is an expert in health care management, and he received his Bachelor’s Degree from the Medical College of Virginia. His career began in nursing homes, and he later founded two successful for-profit hospitals. He worked closely alongside physicians to create employment arrangements and managed major construction projects. He was also president of the MedCath hospital, Tucson, Arizona. Click for more

Baylor Scott & White

Baylor Scott & White Health, the largest non-profit healthcare organization in Texas, has 51 hospitals and over 1,000 patient care locations. These facilities provide comprehensive care for diverse populations in urban, suburban, rural and remote areas. The system also provides resources for physicians and graduate medical students.

Baylor Scott & White Health now offers clinics in Waxahachie and Grapevine. There are now more than 60 locations in the five-county region and more than 70 specialties. Nearly 400 doctors and other health care professionals are employed at the facility.

Baylor Dallas is home to an award-winning VAD program. It also has a gold-certified center. The Baylor Scott & White Charles A. Sammons cancer center is located here. It is one of few centers in the country that combines the expertise of a multidisciplinary team. Patients with blood cancers are attracted to the medical center.

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