What About The Solar Gift? Show Your Dad You Care Too!

Your parents are the most important people in your life. They have shaped you into the person you are today. They care about you during your whole life. They do everything for you and ask for nothing in return. Thus, it is essential that you show them all your love and support every time it is possible. 

As Father’s Day is just around the corner, consider getting him the best gift. And still, shopping for Mother’s Day is so much easier than Father’s Day. When you do not know what to get your mom, you can always buy the predictable but always appreciated flowers. But if you do not know what to get your dad, you can find yourself feeling lost. We think that the best way to show your dad what he means to you and how much you care is to make his life sunnier. He will for sure appreciate a gift that does not harm the environment. In addition, giving your family a solar gift will not only make them happy, but it is another way to go green. Maybe you already have solar panels on your roof. But putting a solar panel system on your parents’ roof would surprise them. 

Solar Is A Gift That Keeps On Giving

The best part about picking a solar gift is that it genuinely pays it forward. Your dad will appreciate a gift that makes his energy bills go down. A well-planned solar panel system will significantly reduce your home energy bills, and you will also have a warranty period. Moreover, solar energy rebates and incentives programs, including solar panel tax credit, will help you save more. 

Another significant benefit of solar energy is that it is a renewable energy source that is timeless. Unless there is the sun shining, we can create the needed amount of energy. For fossil fuels, like natural gas, petrol, coal, they are finite. 

Besides, solar is beneficial, but it also adds daily happiness and supports a healthier lifestyle. The energy we use every day makes our life better. So, in case solar power is free, it becomes even more valuable. Solar power generation is carbon neutral and has tremendous potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Besides, clean air impacts our health. Bad quality air can cause lung diseases, like asthma and cancer. Accordingly, solar energy is truly a gift for your family’s health.

Solar Energy Is A Long Term Investment

Solar panels require no maintenance. They also add value to the home. For solar panel cleaning, you can wash the face of the panels using a sponge with soapy water scrub them. Just avoid spraying panels with cold water while they are hot because that can damage them. However, before cleaning the solar panels yourself, consult with your solar installer about the warranty conditions. Some solar panel manufacturers can terminate the warranty in case of self-cleaning.

Solar panel price, solar inverter and cabling price and other additional costs are usually included in the total cost of the installation project. Solar panel cost calculator will make it easy to size a solar array for your home. Solar panel installation costs can vary depending on the solar panel size of your property and the type of installation. Solar panel calculator will help you quickly estimate your solar potential and future savings based on your roof, electricity bill, and your area.

Solar Panel Installation

The most common location for the installation of solar photovoltaics is the roof so that your PV panels get maximum sunlight. In case the installation on the roof is not applicable or possible, you can also mount your solar panels on the ground. You should only make sure that there are no objects blocking access to the sun.

A solar panel system consists of solar panels, a solar inverter, and a mounting system. Solar panels generally produce DC electricity from sunlight. So, we need the inverter to convert the generated electricity (DC) into AC to be used in the house with all the electronics and devices. 

Most people use the electricity they generate during the day and send the excess energy back into the local utility. So in this way, they use solar and get discounts on energy used at night. But installing an additional solar panel battery system will let you store the electricity you generate and use it later when the sun goes down or in case of power outages. Accordingly, it will increase your solar panel efficiency. You will utilize every kWh of energy generated and get even more reduction on your electricity bills.


The best dads deserve the best gifts. So, on Father’s Day, you should bring your dad into the clean energy future. Any gift that can make your dad happy and decrease his energy footprint is a gift that he’ll appreciate forever.

Your parents do so much to garner your love. That is why you should take every chance to tell them what they mean to you. So, show your dad you care and really appreciate him with a Father’s Day gift he’ll love and enjoy.
Before planning a solar installation, there are several steps to follow. Your solar panel company will provide more information on what you need to do to power your home with solar energy.

Author of a publication: Irene Abgaryan 

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